Some of Our Projects

My SQL, Java, Tomcat, Spring boot, MVC, BootStrap, Jquery, HTML, CSS

Business process automation

Web Appliation for Businesses to manage their financess

MS SQL SERVER, Java, WCF, Web API, Tomcat, Spring boot, MVC, BootStrap, Jquery, HTML, CSS, SPA IOs App , Android App

Mobile App Integration

Mobile Wrapper for multiple existing applications Merging existing applications to a single platform without losing any sort of data and maintain compatibility with extensive style, advanced features and latest state of the art architecture

C#, Windows Application, Biometrics SDK, ORM, Entity Framework, SQL Server

Pension Register

Windows application to avoid pension related frauds.

MS SQL SERVER, C#, MVC, ORM, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Bootstrap

Complex workflows automation

Build an application for complex workflows automation with custom workflow engine.